Scientific & biomedical grant consulting

We specialize in NIH and other Federal agency-sponsored research grant editing.  

We have won, and helped our clients win, numerous research grant awards (over $119 M to date), including NIH research grants of many types, NSF, EPA, American Cancer Society and other private foundations, and industry, including many funded on first submission.  

Our record of repeated NIH grant funding is proof-positive that we can provide the one essential element of primary concern to you as a prospective client: superb grantsmanship – knowing the essentials of a winning grant, and how to tailor and present them for success.



Scientific & biomedical manuscript editing

We have published, and helped our clients to publish, in a wide range of leading peer-reviewed biomedical research journals, covering an equally wide range of basic, translational, and clinical research topics – with minimal resubmissions.  

The roots of our success: 

  • Extensive experience as leading independent researchers and peer reviewers of manuscripts and grants – enabling us to place ourselves in reviewers' shoes in consulting, editing, and writing, anticipating​ their concerns
  • Masters of precision writing for maximum impact
  • An earnest interest and deep satisfaction in helping others to bring their scientific ideas and achievements to fruition
  • A love of scientific inquiry, and of constructing the most persuasive written story and argument

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