Client Testimonials

We love our clients' feedback!

...So rather than bother them for testimonial statements, here are some of their actual on-the-job comments...excerpts from client e-mails over the years -- unedited [except as noted]:


  • It's official- I got the K award!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I have a feeling we will be working together again!
  • Thanks for all your hard work. You are worth your weight in gold!
  • Thanks a lot! You did an amazing job again!!!
  • Thank you so much Jeff. I have worked with other editors in the past, you are my favorite :-)
  • Many thanks for your work. I was extremely pleased with it and think that I submitted the grant in a good state last night - thanks to your help.
  • I want to thank you for the valuable feedback you provided on my grant application, which has been funded. ...AACR NextGen Grant for Transformative Cancer Research
  • Thanks Jeff, right on target as usual!
  • Thanks Jeff, your support and help are invaluable to me
  • I got the grant, thanks to your help etc. have some other colleagues here that have asked about you; they will probably contact you.


  • I recently received the Notice of Award (attached) for the NIH proposal you helped me with. Thank you again for all of your help with both research proposals and strategizing the response to reviewers. Given how tight paylines are now, your assistance surely played an important role in securing this funding.
  • I am writing to provide you with feedback on Jeff Tatro’s editorial services. He assisted me with the preparation of my R01 renewal. He has been absolutely fantastic. Not only he assisted with basing proofing, he also helped crafting the project narrative to make it effective for the reviewers. I am not sure whether you are the person that got Jeff on. If you were, well done!
  • Jeff and Debbie, thank you so much for your tremendous help. You have been simply amazing. I will do my best to make this work.
  • Hi Jeff, This is the kind of review that I have wanted and needed for the past several years. Great stuff, really appreciated it.


  • I am writing to inform you that Dr. Tatro has provided an excellent review of our NIH Summary Statements. Our $7.4 million project is very close to funding, and his assistance is proving most helpful.
  • I just received the score. It received a 4% score. While Council will meet in January, the score is well below the 10% payline, and will likely get funded. ... I would also be more than happy to help in any way to recommend you to anyone who wants to work with you in the future.
  • Hi Jeff, I wanted to let you know that I received a 7 percentile on the R01 resub that you helped me with July, 2014!! Thanks again for your help!! I will pass this along...
  • Hi Jeff, You will be happy to know that the R15 grant got funded. Thanks all for your hard work and help.
  • We definitely gained value added from working with you and would like to continue to do so on future grant applications.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. I always tell my wife that you were God-sent for me. I have learned so much from you and continue to learn.
  • Thank you so very much for your help! Your suggestions made a huge difference!!! ... I like your style and the efficient way you work!
  • thanks for the thorough editing and the constructive comments. I feel l have learned a lot from going through your comments/edits, not only for this particular proposal, but also for my writing in general.
  • Thank you for the comments. They are extremely helpful and I will work to address the issues. I will incorporate the changes into my next draft.
  • Thank you very much for your help with this proposal. It is a much better proposal than it would have been without your support. I also learned a great deal about grant writing in the process which should improve my future applications. [this grant was awarded]


  • Hi Jeff, That grant you helped me with finally got reviewed and luckily is still in this cycle. It got a score of 13, at 1%!! Thanks for your help
  • Heroic job last night. ... Grant is in. It looks fantastic. What a difference. Thanks for all
  • Jeff, Thank you very much, I got it. I have briefly skimmed your comments and already find it extremely helpful.
  • wow so good!! Thanks so much, I learned a lot from our interaction...


  • Dear Jeff, Thanks so much for your letter [checking that client got her grant], I thought I have sent you the news about it! ....we got a 1.0 score!! It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to [have] your help for a new training grant due in xxx...Thanks again
  • Hi Jeff: I sincerely appreciate your help and I have learnt ALOT through this process. I think I have given it my best shot...Thanks!
  • I am encouraged by your positive attitude ! Thanks much, M.
  • tried to fix all u suggested. Thanks so much for being so nice.
  • Cannot thank you enough.
  • Specific aims look so much better :))) thanks
  • Dr Tatro First of all let me thank you for your immense help. Between my clinic patients and formatting diificulties for references yesterday I actually did not even get to read the whole grant together when I submitted it to the grants office. ... Looks much much better than 3 days ago. I have had all things go wrong this time including a total crash of my PC 10 days ago - your help was invaluable!!!
  • All went well and we submitted this evening. I want to thank you for all your help. It is amazing how much the grant was transformed between the first and final version. Thank you once again and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.
  • I will definitely make referral to all my friends who are writing grants. The success of my application will be such a powerful advertise for your service. I am not going to be shy about it.
  • Thank you Jeff, your input has definitely help a lot!. Thank you for putting this much of effort this late at night, well, until morning. Next time, I will call you well in advance!
  • Just looking at your first edits, I can make out your edits are simply outstanding. I will make the changes as suggested.
  • I just started writing. Yes- I have to do everything- I was lucky to found you, otherwise it would have been a nightmare. You are making the grant get some funding
  • Please change [however] you think appropriate. Your changes are simply outstanding anyways.
  • You are awesome- Thanks
  • What I meant that you do hit the nail very hard was the way you revised will resonate very well with the reviewer and their reasoning...The changes you made are very nice.
  • Hi Jeff ... I want to thank you for your work and help. After such intense work, our grant reads very well.
  • Hi Jeff, Eventually it has come into a wholesome piece! Really appreciate the hours of hard work you put into the punching, stabbing, and tweaking of this [complex] proposal.
  • Hi Jeff: ... you are right "on the money" and I now see what you are saying about telling the reviewers what they need to hear.
  • Hi, Jeff, It is submitted, I am exhausted. I could not do it well without your help (HUGE help). Please don't forget to send an email to xxx ... if you are willing to [help] him too.
  • Hi, Jeff, I got all done. ...Your input helps a lot. The final shape looks excellent. I have tried my best and enjoyed the process no matter what's the final score. I like your job. I will need your service for my next R01 application.
  • I am very happy for the high percentile <--[he means LOW %ile--got 5 %ile! & got the grant!] of my revised grant, which attributed to your great service.
  • Hi, Jeff, Your polishing is so great. I like it. Thanks.
  • Jeff, thank you for all your help on this was invaluable!!
  • Thanks Jeff! Thank you so much for your time and I hope I can work with you in the future as I've really appreciated your pointed and cogent critique...Thanks again, your comments are definitely helpful...You've been a great help and I'm going to incorporate all of your suggestions...
  • You did a nice job--improved word choice, made the story clearer, etc. The paper is much better.
  • Your edits are fantastic...I will send the feedback you need by tomorrow morning...I also see a lot of fantastic revisions.
  • Hi, Jeff, Oh, a lot of questions but great points!


  • Jeff, ... I find writing 'painful' and difficult ... I'm willing to work hard, but sitting in front a computer and coming up with words is difficult ... you clearly have a way with words ... How can I learn to write like you? ... My theory has always been that good science writers read a lot on the subject--but that doesnt fit in your case--you can take something out of the blue and work on it without problems.
  • The editor is Jeff Tatro - he is very good at taking what you have written and getting you to think about making it an interesting story
  • I like these edits/suggestions--they make a lot of sense and i can see that i was too superficial/glib in the initial response.


  • Your points are right on as usual---
  • ..... keep going ... the edits and comments are definitely helpful and have helped for sure.


  • Dear Jeff, The proposal was received at NIH yesterday at 5pm. We were working heavily until last minute, with administrative issues. I found your last comments extremely useful and incorporated text on why ... was the second aim....Thanks a lot for all your help and support....I do expect to submit another couple of proposal this year. So you can count on me as a happy client.
  • wow- Jeff, important feed back...
  • Looks great tx
  • HOORAY!!!! Thank you Jeff for this!! : ) :) :) --> Forwarded Message: Dear Dr. xxxx : I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript has been accepted. Reviewer #1 ...: The authors have addressed all my concerns. For the comments/critiques with which the authors disagree, I think they provide very good justification. So I think the revised version of the manuscript is significantly improved and is deemed ready for publication in the journal.
  • Love the title – really eye & mind catching


  • ... your changes were good--went right to matter quickly, i.e. made the grant more compelling.
  • Do you remember this grant? It may be getting funded! <[--It was!] You certainly helped getting it in order


  • Many thanks for your help. I enjoyed working with you...I think you made the proposal much stronger...
  • Hi Jeff --xxx called me earlier in the week to tell me that they were delighted with your services. I'm hoping that I will be able to throw some other projects your way as well.
  • Dear Jeff, thank you very much for your very, very helpful comments and edits. ...Thank you so much for your help!
  • Awesome work Thanks rb
  • thanks again and ALERT: [my colleague], too will probably contact you with the ...grant she has to submit...because of your superb editing work I could well imagine some people in Dundee might contact you once we're established there...
  • Jeff Many thanks for your commitment to making this work. ... thanks for your assistance, it really helps to have professional input, especially working on such a short time line...I think you were very helpful in realigning the context and emphasis and that is what this grant needed so thanks for your help.