Powerful scientific grant proposal editing & consulting

Our Approach is simple

We work closely with you to help organize your proposal's presentation toward the reviewer's point of view, applying uncompromising quality standards. GrantRescue's primary focus is to develop the most compelling articulation of the core message of your research proposal's Specific Aims, Significance, and Innovation, and the most persuasive, effective presentation of Approach and supporting data. We prod, question, and critique, to anticipate and address reviewers' concerns and all barriers to understanding and significance, and we encourage and coach you to improve your presentation and persuasion.

Strategic components

  • An authoritative, critical writing and presentation style that is highly empathetic to the reader
  • Ensuring that key points and experimental plans are thoroughly validated and justified
  • Positive, constructive input that helps you focus on the project's strengths, and fully develop the synergies within its components
  • Enhancing your own grantsmanship skills by encouraging and advising on the best strategies and techniques
  • Providing whatever consultation, writing and editing you need, when you need it