Scientific & Biomedical Grant Proposal 

Editing & Consulting 

Value Proposition


For many applicants, the difference between fundable and non-fundable scores, or between a decent initial score and triage, is effective grantsmanship.

  • By optimizing grantsmanship and the power of precision writing, GrantRescue maximizes your productivity, returns on institutional or personal investment, and award rates, and minimizes grant submissions needed.
  • Our grantsmanship assistance will improve depth and quality of your presentation, that signify authoritative understanding both of reviewers' needs and your science.
  • We strive to provide maximum value for your investment. The cost of our service is a minuscule fraction of the funding typically sought, translating into a large leveraging of client investment.
  • You will improve your own grantsmanship skills, through our tutorial and encouraging style.



  • Eliminating even a single review cycle substantially increases your team's research productivity – both by accelerating funding and avoiding new impediments (staff changes, competitors' new findings, study section changes, institutional crises).
  • We have won, and helped our clients win many grants, including many awarded on first submission.
  • Our NIH grant editing has helped "rescue" multiple clients, awarded grants following prior triage (unscored).
  • Even if your proposal requires resubmission, its first impression upon reviewers during initial review bears dramatically on their interest, score assigned (and whether a score is assigned at all), and their enthusiasm for seeing a later submission.
  • As competition continues to intensify for the limited funding pool for biomedical research, the competitive edge you gain as a GrantRescue client, and the new grantsmanship skills and techniques you acquire through us, will return great value.