GrantRescue - NIH Grant Proposal Review Offers

Introductory Specific Aims review service for Investigators with a limited budget

Review and comments on the Specific Aims page of your grant proposal draft

Your Specific Aims page is the most important single element in your proposal, and determinant of its success or failure.
If it captures the interest of reviewers and convinces them of the potential merit of your proposal, you are "halfway home".
If not, you will face an uphill battle and limited prospects for success in your review, perhaps even precluding realistic prospects for resubmission.
A review and analysis by GrantRescue may point the way to funding success, and will surely help you to improve your Specific Aims.

Included in this special service offer are:

  • 3 hours of review time (review/markup and drafting/conveying comments).   
  • A Comments page that summarizes your draft's strengths vs. apparent problems and limitations, and provides suggestions for improving and optimizing your story line and Aims formulations.
  • Markup of your Specific Aims page, including embedded questions, comments, prompts, editing suggestions

Analysis of your Specific Aims page draft will include:

  • quality of messaging, presentation issues, organization of introductory material
  • quality of the formulations of your Specific Aims
  • writing adequacy, tone and reviewer-friendliness
  • guidance on whether these features are working together to clearly and convincingly reveal and highlight the novelty, innovation and significance of your proposal--and how to improve these aspects
  • guidance on whether the Aims form a cohesive, strong, well-organized attack on a significant problem that appears likely to advance the field
  • any evident limitations in approach

Items not included in this special limited offer:

  • Review of FOA/RFA (available at additional cost)
  • Review of prior Summary Statement critiques (available through our standard service)
  • Review of your proposal's other components
  • Complete or extensive substantive editing or copyediting (these require considerable time and also careful review of your proposal's other components)