Scientific manuscript editing & writing for publication

WinningSubmissions Services

We provide expert consulting, editing and scientific writing service for scientific and biomedical research and publishing. Manuscripts are organized and presented in an authoritative, exceptionally reviewer-friendly style. If your goal is to publish your biomedical research, translational, clinical or basic science articles, reviews and editorials in top-line peer-reviewed journals for maximum impact, with minimal resubmissions and the most persuasive responses to reviewers, WinningSubmissions is for you. We also welcome other scientific and non-scientific writing, editing and publication challenges, and we serve international clients.

Our services and specialties include:

  • Substantive editing, emphasizing the clarity, impact, and validation of the manuscript's story line
  • Biomedical and other scientific writing of manuscripts for publication in peer reviewed journals and other publication channels
  • Effective strategic guidance, persuasive responses to reviewer critiques, and substantive revisions for manuscript resubmission to peer reviewed journals
  • Authoritative and critical writing style that is highly empathetic to the reader and appropriate to the target audience
  • Uncompromising quality standards
  • Teaching and mentoring clients, including international clients, who seek to improve their scientific writing and publishing skills
  • Projects involving integrative, systems-level and translational subjects are special strengths

We have an extensive record of publication success in peer-reviewed journals that cover an exceptionally broad spectrum of biomedical research, basic science, translational research and clinical research. With our extensive experience serving as peer reviewer for leading journals, we anticipate reviewer concerns, and help you design effective responses to reviewer critiques.